Meet Our Founder

Happiness is an elusive concept. It eluded me too. For most of us, happiness - and in particular happiness at work - seems like a fairy-tale quest, magically available only to a lucky few. 

As a child of immigrant parents, I grew up believing work was a means to an end. As a working mother, the inevitable "work-life" balance conundrum seemed unsolvable. 

Then, I discovered the science behind the magic, the science of happiness. Armed with a research-informed toolkit, I learned how to engage in meaningful work - to play with purpose. Now, it no longer seems like a circus balancing act, but rather I live intentionally and everything elegantly flows. I unlocked the best in myself, and then created The LightUp Lab to help unlock the best in you. 

-Elina Teboul



We inspire ourselves and others by cultivating and implementing the tools needed to empower people and organizations to reach their full potential

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